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DateTitle Authors
11-Feb-2016 Existence, uniqueness and computation of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraintsHolden, Tom D.
9-Feb-2016 Public Debt Sustainability in Serbia-Evidence from Transition and the Great RecessionAndric, Vladimir / Arsic, Milojko / Nojkovic, Aleksandra
26-Jan-2016 Electricity Use as an Indicator of U.S. Economic ActivityArora, Vipin / Lieskovsky, Jozef
26-Jan-2016 Aggregate Productivity under an Energy-Based ApproachArora, Vipin
26-Jan-2016 Monetary Policy Evaluation using a Rational Expectations Model: the UK caseVasilev, Aleksandar
2016 The retention effect of training: Portability, visibility, and credibilityDietz, Daniel / Zwick, Thomas
2016 Fiscal competition and public debtJaneba, Eckhard / Todtenhaupt, Maximilian
2016 The residency discount for rents in Germany and the Tenancy Law Reform Act 2001: Evidence from quantile regressionsFitzenberger, Bernd / Fuchs, Benjamin
2016 Fiscal federalism, decentralization and economic growth: A meta-analysisBaskaran, Tushyanthan / Feld, Lars P. / Schnellenbach, Jan
2016 The urban wage premium in imperfect labour marketsHirsch, Boris / Jahn, Elke J. / Oberfichtner, Michael
2016 Health inequality and the uses of time for workers in Europe: Policy implicationsGimenez-Nadal, J. / Molina, Jose
2016 Absenteeism, childcare and the effectiveness of pension reformsCoda Moscarola, Flavia / Fornero, Elsa / Strøm, Steinar
2016 Bubble-driven business cyclesLarin, Benjamin
2016 Qualifikationsbedarf und Qualifizierung: Anforderungen im Zeichen der DigitalisierungHammermann, Andrea / Stettes, Oliver
2016 Entrepreneurial culture and start-ups: Could a cultural shift in favour of entrepreneurship lead to more innovative start-ups?Röhl, Klaus-Heiner
2016 Unternehmensgründungen: Mehr innovative Startups durch einen Kulturwandel für Entrepreneurship?Röhl, Klaus-Heiner
2016 "Eat, my child". Overweight and obesity among children in developing countriesMinos, Dimitrios
2016 Overweight and obesity in low- and middle income countries: A panel-data analysisMinos, Dimitrios
2016 Intraday markets for power: Discretizing the continuous trading?Neuhoff, Karsten / Ritter, Nolan / Salah-Abou-El-Enien, Aymen / Vassilopoulos, Philippe
2016 The link between R&D, innovation and productivity: Are micro firms different?Baumann, Julian / Kritikos, Alexander S.
2016 Information acquisition in vertical relationsBaake, Pio / Harasser, Andreas / Heiny, Friederike
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