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DateTitle Authors
23-Feb-2015 A Theory of Financial Services Competition, Compliance and RegulationMichael, Bryane / Falzon, Joseph / Shamdasani, Ajay
4-Feb-2015 Offshoring of Medium-skill Jobs, Polarization, and Productivity Effect: Implications for Wages and Low-skill UnemploymentVallizadeh, Ehsan; Muysken, Joan; Ziesemer, Thomas
1-Feb-2015 The Examination of Using Business Intelligence Systems by Enterprises in HungarySasvari, Peter
Feb-2015 How Learning a Musical Instrument Affects the Development of SkillsHille, Adrian / Schupp, Jürgen
28-Jan-2015 Maintenance and Production Scheduling on a Single Machine with Stochastic Failuresvon Hoyningen-Huene, Wiebke / Kiesmüller, Gudrun P.
15-Jan-2015 Deviant Citizenship Behavior: A Comprehensive Framework towards Behavioral Excellence in OrganizationsChowdhury, Dhiman
Jan-2015 No Countries for Old Technology Assessment? Sketching the Efforts and Opportunities to Establish Parliamentary TA in Spain and PortugalBöhle, Knud / Moniz, António
Jan-2015 Assessing Technologies: Global Patterns of Trust and Distrust. Report on one session at the XVIII World Congress of SociologyMoniz, António
2015 Costs and benefits of flexibility and autonomy in working time: The same for women and men?Lott, Yvonne
2015 Sector-level strategies against precarious employment in Germany: Evidence from construction, commercial cleaning, hospitals and temporary agency workSchulten, Thorsten / Schulze-Buschoff, Karin
2015 Bank networks: Contagion, systemic risk and prudential policyAldasoro, Iñaki / Delli Gatti, Domenico / Faia, Ester
2015 Cross-border resolution of global banksFaia, Ester / Weder di Mauro, Beatrice
2015 The plasticity of regions: A social sciences-cultural studies dialogue on Asia-related area studiesHolbig, Heike
2015 Polyarchies, competitive oligarchies, or inclusive hegemonies? 23 global intergovernmental organizations comparedLopes, Dawisson Belém
2015 SMARTer indicators for decent work in a post-2015 development agenda: A discussion and a proposalOstermeier, Martin / Linde, Sarah / Lay, Jann / Prediger, Sebastian
2015 Volatility of aggregate volatility and hedge funds returnsAgarwal, Vikas / Arisoy, Y. Eser / Naik, Narayan Y.
2015 Resiliency: A dynamic view of liquidityKempf, Alexander / Mayston, Daniel / Gehde-Trapp, Monika / Yadav, Pradeep K.
2015 TTIP und Finanzmarktregulierung: Organisiertes Wettrennen um den niedrigsten Standard?Schäfer, Dorothea
2015 Stromnetze und Klimaschutz: Neue Prämissen für die NetzplanungMieth, Robert / Weinhold, Richard / Gerbaulet, Clemens / von Hirschhausen, Christian R. / Kemfert, Claudia
2015 Große statistische Unsicherheit beim Anteil der Top-Vermögenden in DeutschlandWestermeier, Christian / Grabka, Markus M.
2015 Energiewende und Strommarktdesign: Zwei Preiszonen für Deutschland sind keine LösungEgerer, Jonas / von Hirschhausen, Christian / Weibezahn, Jens / Kemfert, Claudia
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