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DateTitle Authors
11-Apr-2016 Information Matters: A Theoretical Comparison of Some Cross-Border Trade BarriersWilson, Chris M.
4-Apr-2016 Computation of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraints.Holden, Tom
4-Apr-2016 Existence and uniqueness of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraints.Holden, Thomas
23-Mar-2016 Money, Social Capital and Materialism. Evidence from Happiness DataPiekalkiewicz, Marcin
5-Mar-2016 Exploring the characteristics of transfer pricing systems across countriesRathke, Alex Augusto Timm / Rezende, Amaury José
Mar-2016 Spurious periodicities in cliometric series: Simultaneous testingKufenko, Vadim
22-Feb-2016 False AdvertisingRhodes, Andrew / Wilson, Chris
22-Feb-2016 Search and matching frictions and business cycle fluctuations in Bulgaria: Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
19-Feb-2016 A Network-based View of the U.S. Energy SectorArora, Vipin / Sendich, Elizabeth / Teng, Julia
11-Feb-2016 Existence, uniqueness and computation of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraintsHolden, Tom D.
9-Feb-2016 Public Debt Sustainability in Serbia-Evidence from Transition and the Great RecessionAndric, Vladimir / Arsic, Milojko / Nojkovic, Aleksandra
9-Feb-2016 Using Computer Simulators for Teaching Macroeconomics at the Undergraduate LevelAngelov, Aleks / Vasilev, Aleksandar
Feb-2016 The EU's Rule of Law Promotion in Central and Eastern Europe: Where and Why Does It Fail, and What Can Be Done About It?Martin Mendelski
26-Jan-2016 Electricity Use as an Indicator of U.S. Economic ActivityArora, Vipin / Lieskovsky, Jozef
26-Jan-2016 Aggregate Productivity under an Energy-Based ApproachArora, Vipin
26-Jan-2016 Monetary Policy Evaluation using a Rational Expectations Model: the UK caseVasilev, Aleksandar
10-Jan-2016 Revisiting the Invisible Hand Hypothesis: A Comparative Study between Bulgaria and GermanyGesheva, Nadezhda / Vasilev, Aleksandar
Jan-2016 Das verfügbare Einkommen in Liechtenstein im Vergleich mit der Schweiz. Studie im Auftrag der liechtensteinischen RegierungBrunhart, Andreas / Büchel, Berno
Jan-2016 Entrepreneurship Versus Joblessness : Explaining the Rise in Self-EmploymentFalco, Paolo / Haywood, Luke
Jan-2016 Wealth Effects on Job PreferencesHaywood, Luke
2016 Soft budget constraints, European Central Banking and the financial crisisJannik, Jäger / Grigoriadis, Theocharis
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