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DateTitle Authors
2014 Parental background matters: Intergenerational mobility and assimilation of Italian immigrants in GermanyBönke, Timm / Neidhöfer, Guido
2014 Country-by-Country Reporting: Eine neue Rechnungslegung über länderspezifische Wertschöpfung und Ertragsteuern?Evers, Andrea / Hundsdoerfer, Jochen
2014 Do remittances increase borrowing?Ambrosius, Christian / Cuecuecha, Alfredo
2014 Self-serving bias and tax moraleBlaufus, Kay / Braune, Matthias / Hundsdoerfer, Jochen / Jacob, Martin
2014 Do tax cuts increase consumption? An experimental test of Ricardian EquivalenceMeissner, Thomas / Rostam-Afschar, Davud
2014 Capital gains taxes and asset prices: The impact of tax awareness and procrastinationEichfelder, Sebastian / Lau, Mona
2014 Rates of return and early retirement disincentives: Evidence from a German pension reformLüthen, Holger
2014 Managing uncertainty in intensive care units: Exploring formal and informal coping practices in a university hospitalSchreyögg, Georg / Ostermann, Simone M.
2014 Conceptualizing Open Data ecosystems: A timeline analysis of Open Data development in the UKHeimstädt, Maximilian / Saunderson, Fredric / Heath, Tom
2014 Is it really more dispersed? Measuring and comparing the stress from the common monetary policy in the euro areaQuint, Dominic
2014 Looking back in anger? Retirement and unemployment scarringHetschko, Clemens / Knabe, Andreas / Schöb, Ronnie
2014 Do Corporate Tax Cuts Reduce International Profit Shifting?Brandstetter, Laura
2014 Estimating a consumer demand system of energy, mobility and leisure: A microdata approach for GermanyBeznoska, Martin
2014 Does regional training supply determine employees' training participation?Görlitz, Katja / Rzepka, Sylvi
2014 Digitale Zivilgesellschaft in Deutschland: Stand und Perspektiven 2014Dobusch, Leonhard
2014 New Keynesian versus old Keynesian government spending multipliers: A commentHughes Hallett, Andrew / Rannenberg, Ansgar / Schreiber, Sven
2014 Monetary and macroprudential policy in an estimated DSGE model of the Euro AreaQuint, Dominic / Rabanal, Pau
2014 Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choiceFossen, Frank M. / Glocker, Daniela
2014 Der flächendeckende MindestlohnKnabe, Andreas / Schöb, Ronnie / Thum, Marcel
2014 Race to the debt trap? Spatial econometric evidence on debt in German municipalitiesFossen, Frank M. / Freier, Ronny / Martin, Thorsten
2014 Anticipating business-cycle turning points in real time using density forecasts from a VARSchreiber, Sven
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