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DateTitle Authors
2015 Parenthood and risk preferencesGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
2015 Estimating the density of ethnic minorities and aged people in Berlin: Multivariate kernel density estimation applied to sensitive geo-referenced administrative data protected via measurement errorGroß, Marcus / Rendtel, Ulrich / Schmid, Timo / Schmon, Sebastian / Tzavidis, Nikos
2015 Outlier robust small area estimation under spatial correlationSchmid, Timo / Tzavidis, Nikos / Münnich, Ralf / Chambers, Ray
2015 On the emissions-inequality trade-off in energy taxation: Evidence on the German car fuel taxNikodinoska, Dragana / Schröder, Carsten
2015 Public health insurance and entry into self-employmentFossen, Frank M. / König, Johannes
2015 The elasticity of taxable income for Germany and its sensitivity to the appropriate modelWerdt, Clive
2015 What drives tax refund maximization from inter-temporal loss usage? Evidence from the German taxpayer panelWerdt, Clive
2015 Charitable giving and its persistent and transitory reactions to changes in tax incentives: Evidence from the German taxpayer panelBönke, Timm / Werdt, Clive
2015 The effects of increasing the standards of the high school curriculum on school dropoutGörlitz, Katja / Gravert, Christina
2014 Sovereign risk, interbank freezes, and aggregate fluctuationsEngler, Philipp / Große Steffen, Christoph
2014 Natural resources, export concentration and financial developmentHattendorff, Christian
2014 Natural resources, demand for external finance and financial developmentHattendorff, Christian
2014 The green Paradox and Learning-by-Doing in the renewable energy sectorNachtigall, Daniel / Rübbelke, Dirk
2014 The tax-rate elasticity of local business profitsFossen, Frank M. / Steiner, Viktor
2014 The role of capital income for top incomes shares in GermanyBartels, Charlotte / Jenderny, Katharina
2014 Credence goods, costly diagnosis, and subjective evaluationBester, Helmut / Dahm, Matthias
2014 Income inequality from a lifetime perspectiveCorneo, Giacomo
2014 Kapitalsteuern und öffentliches Eigentum: Anmerkungen zum optimalen Umgang mit einer hohen VermögenskonzentrationCorneo, Giacomo
2014 On the misery of losing self-employmentHetschko, Clemens
2014 On the degree of homogeneity in dynamic heterogeneous panel data modelsOffermanns, Christian J.
2014 Gini decompositions and Gini elasticities: On measuring the importance of income sources and population subgroups for income inequalityJurkatis, Simon / Strehl, Wolfgang
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