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DateTitle Authors
2014 Actuarial adjustments, retirement behaviour and worker heterogeneityGiesecke, Matthias
2014 Husband's unemployment and wife's labor supply: The added worker effect across EuropeBredtmann, Julia / Otten, Sebastian / Rulff, Christian
2014 How do fair value measurements of financial instruments affect investments in banks?Bergheim, Ralf / Ernstberger, Jürgen / Roos, Michael W. M.
2014 Can arts-based interventions enhance labor market outcomes among youth? Evidence from a randomized trial in Rio de JaneiroCalero, Carla / Gonzales, Veronica / Soares, Yuri / Kluve, Jochen / Corseuil, Carlos Henrique
2014 Information acquisition and decisions under risk and ambiguityBergheim, Ralf
2014 Social norms and mothers' labor market attachment: The medium-run effects of parental benefitsKluve, Jochen / Schmitz, Sebastian
2014 Are public and private R&D investments complements or substitutes?Bohnstedt, Anna
2014 Mitigating hypothetical bias: Evidence on the effects of correctives from a large field studyAndor, Mark A. / Frondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2014 Economic beliefs and party preferenceRoos, Michael W. M. / Orland, Andreas
2014 State-of-play in implementing macroeconomic adjustment programmes in the euro area: Short versionGros, Daniel / Alcidi, Cinzia / Belke, Ansgar / Coutinho, Leonor / Giovannini, Alessandro
2014 The role of education and household composition for transitory and permanent income inequality: Evidence from PSID dataLudwig, Johannes
2014 Does regional training supply determine employees' training participation?Görlitz, Katja / Rzepka, Sylvi
2014 Monetary dialogue 2009-2014: Looking backward, looking forwardBelke, Ansgar
2014 Does the nomination scheme of the city manager matter for urban development policies?Garmann, Sebastian
2014 Drug oversupply in nursing homes: An empirical evaluation of administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Optimal renewable-energy subsidiesAndor, Mark / Voss, Achim
2014 The mental and physical burden of caregiving: Evidence from administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Computational economic modeling of migrationKlabunde, Anna
2014 Making dough or baking dough? Spousal housework responsibilities in Germany, 1992-2011Procher, Vivien / Ritter, Nolan / Vance, Colin
2014 Nursing home prices and quality of care: Evidence from administrative dataReichert, Arndt R. / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Defining hospital markets: An application to the German hospital sectorHentschker, Corinna / Schmid, Andreas / Mennicken, Roman
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