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DateTitle Authors
2016 A decomposition analysis of cigarette consumption differences between male Turkish immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012Dang, Rui
2016 Did quantitative easing affect interest rates outside the US? New evidence based on interest tate differentialsBelke, Ansgar / Gros, Daniel / Osowski, Thomas
2016 Heterogeneous rebound effects: Comparing estimates from discrete-continuous modelsFrondel, Manuel / Martinez Flores, Fernanda / Vance, Colin
2015 Exchange rate bands of inaction and play-hysteresis in Greek exports to the euro area, the US and Turkey: Sectoral evidenceBelke, Ansgar / Kronen, Dominik
2015 Does parental unemployment affect the quality of their children's first job?Kleverbeck, Maria / Kind, Michael
2015 Monopsonistic competition, low-wage labour markets, and minimum wages: An empirical analysisBachmann, Ronald / Frings, Hanna
2015 The effect of minimum wages on labour market flows: Evidence from GermanyBachmann, Ronald / Penninger, Marion / Schaffner, Sandra
2015 Can parental migration reduce petty corruption in education?Höckel, Lisa Sofie / Santos Silva, Manuel / Stöhr, Tobias
2015 Heterogeneity in marginal non-monetary returns to higher educationKamhöfer, Daniel A. / Schmitz, Hendrik / Westphal, Matthias
2015 We could not care less about Armington elasticities - but should we? A meta-sensitivity analysis of the influence of Armington elasticity misspecification on simulation resultsSchürenberg-Frosch, Hannah
2015 Systemic aspects of R&D policy: Subsidies for R&D collaborations and their effects on private R&DEngel, Dirk / Rothgang, Michael / Eckl, Verena
2015 The macroeconomics of radical uncertaintyRoos, Michael W. M.
2015 Is there heterogeneity in the response of consumption to income shocks?Ludwig, Johannes
2015 Spillover effects of local human capital stock on adult obesity: Evidence from German neighborhoodsDang, Rui
2015 Installing photovoltaics in Germany: A license to print money?Andor, Mark / Frondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2015 Policy evaluation, randomized controlled trials, and external validity: A systematic reviewPeters, Jörg / Langbein, Jörg / Roberts, Gareth
2015 Preferences over bank and family loans in rural RwandaPeters, Jörg / Schoofs, Annekathrin / Sievert, Maximiliane
2015 Indirect fiscal effects of long-term care insuranceGeyer, Johannes / Haan, Peter / Korfhage, Thorben
2015 Regional bank efficiency and its effect on regional growth in 'normal' and 'bad' timesBelke, Ansgar / Haskamp, Ulrich / Setzer, Ralph
2015 Health shocks and risk aversionDecker, Simon / Schmitz, Hendrik
2015 The dynamics of earnings in Germany: Evidence from social security recordsBönke, Timm / Giesecke, Matthias / Lüthen, Holger
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