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DateTitle Authors
2015 Indirect fiscal effects of long-term care insuranceGeyer, Johannes / Haan, Peter / Korfhage, Thorben
2015 Regional bank efficiency and its effect on regional growth in 'normal' and 'bad' timesBelke, Ansgar / Haskamp, Ulrich / Setzer, Ralph
2015 Health shocks and risk aversionDecker, Simon / Schmitz, Hendrik
2015 The dynamics of earnings in Germany: Evidence from social security recordsBönke, Timm / Giesecke, Matthias / Lüthen, Holger
2015 Start me up: How fathers' unemployment affects their sons' school-to-work transitionsKind, Michael
2015 Beyond Balassa and Samuelson: Real convergence, capital flows, and competitiveness in GreeceBelke, Ansgar / Haskamp, Ulrich / Schnabl, Gunther / Zemanek, Holger
2015 The lighting transition in Africa: From kerosene to LED and the emerging dry-cell battery problemBensch, Gunther / Peters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane
2015 That's just - not fair: Gender differences in notions of justiceBecker, Nicole / Häger, Kirsten / Heufer, Jan
2015 Explaining the body mass index gaps between Turkish immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012: A decomposition analysis of socio-economic causesDang, Rui
2015 Long-term care reform and the labor supply of household members: Evidence from a quasi-experimentGeyer, Johannes / Korfhage, Thorben
2015 The nonparametric approach to evolutionary oligopolyMoghadam, Hamed M.
2015 Planned fiscal consolidations and growth forecast errors: New panel evidence on fiscal multipliersBelke, Ansgar / Kronen, Dominik / Osowski, Thomas
2015 Price and non-price competition in oligopoly: An analysis of relative payoff maximizersMoghadam, Hamed M.
2015 Time lags in the pass-through of crude-oil prices: Big data evidence from the German gasoline marketFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin / Kihm, Alex
2015 Rural electrification and domestic violence in Sub-Saharan AfricaSievert, Maximiliane
2015 Disentangling two causes of biased probability judgment: Cognitive skills and perception of randomnessDuttle, Kai
2015 The long shadows of past insults intergenerational transmission of health over 130 yearsAndreella, Claudia / Karlsson, Martin / Nilsson, Therese / Westphal, Matthias
2015 What works? A meta analysis of recent active labor market program evaluationsCard, David / Kluve, Jochen / Weber, Andrea
2015 Experimental evidence on the long term impacts of a youth training programIbarrarán, Pablo / Kluve, Jochen / Ripani, Laura / Shady, David Rosas
2015 Do hospitals respond to increasing prices by supplying fewer services?Salm, Martin / Wübker, Ansgar
2015 Does parenthood make happy people happier? A lifecycle analysis using panel quantile regressionSamoilova, Evgenia / Vance, Colin
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