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DateTitle Authors
2014 Do elderly choose nursing homes by quality, price or location?Schmitz, Hendrik / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Higher-order risk preferences in social settings: An experimental analysisHeinrich, Timo / Mayrhofer, Thomas
2014 The effect of gender equality on international soccer performanceBredtmann, Julia / Crede, Carsten J. / Otten, Sebastian
2014 Estonia and the European Monetary Union: Are there benefits from a 'late' accession?Baas, Timo
2014 Life expectancy and mother-baby interventions: Evidence from a historical trialBhalotra, Sonia / Karlsson, Martin / Nilsson, Therese
2014 Labor market reforms and current account imbalances: Beggar-thy-neighbor policies in a currency union?Baas, Timo / Belke, Ansgar
2014 Gold price forecasts in a dynamic model averaging framework: Have the determinants changed over time?Baur, Dirk G. / Beckmann, Joscha / Czudaj, Robert
2014 Labour market dynamics and worker heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from EuropeBachmann, Ronald / Bechara, Peggy / Kramer, Anica / Rzepka, Sylvi
2014 Work and well-being of informal caregivers in EuropeHeger, Dörte
2014 Homothetic efficiency: A non-parametric approachHeufer, Jan / Hjertstrand, Per
2014 Evolutionary stability in asymmetric oligopoly: A non-Walrasian resultLeininger, Wolfgang / Moghadam, Hamed M.
2014 Does gold act as a hedge or a safe haven for stocks? A smooth transition approachBeckmann, Joscha / Berger, Theo / Czudaj, Robert
2014 Discovering and disentangling effects of US macro-announcements in European stock marketsRühl, Tobias R. / Stein, Michael
2014 Does timing of health and family planning services matter? Age at first birth and educational attainment in IndonesiaStrupat, Christoph
2014 Income redistribution, consumer credit, and keeping up with the richesKlein, Mathias / Krause, Christopher
2014 Why do households forego high returns from technology adoption: Evidence from improved cook stoves in Burkina FasoBensch, Gunther / Grimm, Michael / Peters, Jörg
2014 "Phantom of the opera" or "sex and the city"? Historical amenities as sources of exogenous variationBauer, Thomas K. / Breidenbach, Philipp / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2014 Bowling alone or bowling at all? The effect of unemployment on social participationKunze, Lars / Suppa, Nicolai
2014 The intensive margin of technology adoption: Experimental evidence on improved cooking stoves in rural SenegalBensch, Gunther / Peters, Jörg
2014 Inequality of opportunity in retirement age: The role of physical job demandsGiesecke, Matthias / Okoampah, Sarah
2014 Does the letter matter (and for everyone)? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effects of home invitation on mammography uptakeCarrieri, Vincenzo / Wuebker, Ansgar
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