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DateTitle Authors
2015 Income shocks or insurance: What determines consumption inequality?Ludwig, Johannes
2015 Impacts of rural electrification revisited: The African contextPeters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane
2015 Ready for take-off? The economic effects of regional airport expansionBreidenbach, Philipp
2015 The pecuniary and non-pecuniary returns to voucher-financed trainingGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
2015 Communication problems? The role of parent-child communication for the subsequent health behavior of adolescentsAvdic, Daniel / Büyükdurmus, Tugba
2015 A first step up the energy ladder? Low cost solar kits and household's welfare in rural RwandaGrimm, Michael / Munyehirwe, Anicet / Peters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane
2015 Parenthood and risk preferencesGörlitz, Katja / Tamm, Marcus
2015 The political economy of public investment when population is aging: A panel cointegration analysisJäger, Philipp / Schmidt, Torsten
2015 Am I my peer's keeper? Social responsibility in financial decision makingFüllbrunn, Sascha / Luhan, Wolfgang J.
2015 Does large scale infrastructure investment alleviate poverty? Impacts of Rwanda's electricity access roll-out programLenz, Luciane / Munyehirwe, Anicet / Peters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane
2015 Crowdsourcing of economic forecast: Combination of forecasts using Bayesian model averagingKim, Dongkoo / Rhee, Tae-hwan / Ryu, Keunkwan / Shin, Changmock
2015 The effects of introducing mixed payment systems for physicians: Experimental evidenceBrosig-Koch, Jeannette / Hennig-Schmidt, Heike / Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja / Wiesen, Daniel
2015 Alliance formation in contests with incomplete informationMetzger, Lars P.
2015 How health plan enrollees value prices relative to supplemental benefits and service qualityBünnings, Christian / Schmitz, Hendrik / Tauchmann, Harald / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2015 In good company: Neighborhood quality and female employmentBechara, Peggy / Eilers, Lea / Paloyo, Alfredo R.
2015 Beer, wood, and welfareGrimm, Michael / Peters, Jörg
2015 The burden of Germany's energy transition: An empirical analysis of distributional effectsFrondel, Manuel / Sommer, Stephan / Vance, Colin
2015 Does the burglar also disturb the neighbor? Crime spillovers on individual well-beingAvdic, Daniel / Bünnings, Christian
2015 Towards a multidimensional poverty index for GermanySuppa, Nicolai
2015 Weather, the forgotten factor in business cycle analysesDöhrn, Roland / an de Meulen, Philipp
2014 Shifting the burden of corporate taxes: Heterogeneity in direct wage incidenceaus dem Moore, Nils
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