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Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, 2005 (Kiel)

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DateTitle Authors
2005 The Road to Pro-Poor Growth in Zambia: Past Lessons and Future ChallengesWobst, Peter / Thurlow, James
2005 Contesting Resources - Rent Seeking, Conflict and the Natural Resource CurseBulte, Erwin / Wick, Katharina
2005 R&D and private investment: How to conserve indigenous fruit biodiversity of Southern AfricaWaibel, Hermann / Wesseler, Justus / Mithöfer, Dagmar
2005 Inequality and Heterogeneous Returns to Education in Mexico (1992-2002)Villarreal, Hector J. / Mehta, Aashish
2005 Exchange rate risk and economic reform: the case of endogenous institutional change in ChinaVeit, Wolfgang
2005 Measuring and Explaining Government Inefficiency in Developing Countriesvan de Sijpe, Nicolas / Rayp, Glenn
2005 Inequality and growth: A joint analysis of demand and supplyShen, Ling
2005 Modeling Firm Dynamics to Identify the Cost of Financing Constraints in Ghanaian ManufacturingSchündeln, Matthias
2005 How to prioritise policies for poverty reduction: Applying Bayesian Model Averaging to VietnamKlump, Rainer / Prüfer, Patricia
2005 Human capital, growth and convergence traps: Implications from a cross-country analysisPetrakis, P.E. / Stamatakis, D.
2005 Institutional Constraints for the Success of Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries: The Case of Bt-Cotton in Shandong Province, ChinaWaibel, Hermann / Pemsl, Diemuth E. / Gutierrez, Andrew P.
2005 Macroeconomic Policies and Pro-Poor Growth in NigeriaGafaar, Oluwatoyin Alade S / Osinubi, Tokunbo Simbowale
2005 External Debt and Pro-Poor GrowthMaier, Rolf
2005 Measuring Pro-Poor Growth with Non-Income IndicatorsKlasen, Stephan / Harttgen, Kenneth / Grosse, Melanie
2005 Export-Led Growth in Chile: Assessing the Role of Export Composition in Productivity GrowthNowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas / Herzer, Dierk / Siliverstovs, Boriss
2005 Project Aid or Budget Aid? The Interests of Governments and Financial InstitutionsHefeker, Carsten
2005 Quality of Institutions, Credit Markets and BankruptcyHainz, Christa
2005 Inflation Inequity and the Measurement of Pro-Poor GrowthGrimm, Michael / Günther, Isabel
2005 Does Imported Skill-Biased Technological Change Originate None, One or Many Kuznets Curves?Vivarelli, Marco / Grimalda, Gianluca
2005 Distribution and Development in a Model of MisgovernanceBlackburn, Keith / Forgues-Puccio, Gonzalo F.
2005 Aid, Policies and Growth: A Non-Canonical Alternative for solving This Puzzle.Fuentes, Raúl
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