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2009 Trade sanctions, financial transfers and BRIC's participation in global climate change negotiationsTian, Huifang / Whalley, John / Cai, Yuezhou
2008 Zeitschriftenrankings für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Konstruktion eines umfassenden MetaindexesSchulze, Günther G. / Warning, Susanne / Wiermann, Christian
2007 Publications: German economic research institutes on trackKetzler, Rolf / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2013 An interview with Neil WallaceAltig, David / Nosal, Ed
2004 Advising Policymakers Through the MediaZimmermann, Klaus F.
2012 Economic science and political influenceSaint-Paul, Gilles
2006 An examination of the reliability of prestigious scholarly journals: evidence and implications for decision-makersOswald, Andrew J.
2008 What and how long does it take to get tenure? The case of economics and business administration in Austria, Germany and SwitzerlandSchulze, Günther G. / Warning, Susanne / Wiermann, Christian
2014 Evidenzbasierte Wirtschaftspolitik in Deutschland: Defizite und PotenzialeBoockmann, Bernhard / Buch, Claudia M. / Schnitzer, Monika
2005 Economists on Darwin's theory of social evolution and human behaviourMarciano, Alain

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