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DateTitle Authors
2005 The Principal Conflict in Contemporary Russian Economic Thought: Traditional Approaches Against EconomicsZaostrovtsev, Andrei
2000 Kommunitarismus und SozialismusRoth, Steffen
2010 Keynes after Sraffa and Kaldor: Effective demand, accumulation and productivity growthCamara-Neto, Alcino F. / Vernengo, Matías
2005 Economic Ideas and Institutional Change: Evidence from Soviet Economic Discourse 1987-1991Zweynert, Joachim
2011 Relations of production and modes of surplus extraction in IndiaBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar
2009 Relations of production and modes of surplus extraction in India: An aggregate studyBasole, Amit / Basu, Deepankar
2002 Money, interest, and capital accumulation in Karl Marx's economics: A monetary interpretationHein, Eckhard
2008 Imperialism: Old and new theoriesStathakis, George
2007 János Kornai’'s Contributions to Economic AnalysisLindbeck, Assar
2014 Finance and crisis: Marxian, institutionalist and circuitist approachesArgitis, Georgios / Evans, Trevor / Michell, Jo / Toporowski, Jan

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