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DateTitle Authors
2015 Idealizations of uncertainty, and lessons from artificial intelligenceSmith, Robert Elliott
2009 Conversation or monologue? On advising heterodox economistsVernengo, Matías
2011 The return of vulgar economics: A rejoinder to Colander, Holt and RosserVernengo, Matias
2013 Emergency Aid 2.0Fuchs, Andreas / Klann, Nils-Hendrik
2012 Applying the capability approach empirically: An overview with special attention to laborLeßmann, Ortrud
2013 Stock-flow consistent modeling through the agesCaverzasi, Eugenio / Godin, Antoine
2008 The quality of eligible collateral and monetary stability: An empirical analysisLehmbecker, Philipp
2008 Measuring the quality of eligible collateralLehmbecker, Philipp / Missong, Martin
2009 Correcting mistakes: Cognitive dissonance and political attitudes in Sweden and the United StatesElinder, Mikael
2012 Governance without government or: The Euro Crisis and what went wrong with European Economic Governance?Heise, Arne

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