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DateTitle Authors
2006 Fixed and mixed effects models in meta-analysisKonstantopoulos, Spyros
2007 A new unified theory of sociobehavioral forcesJasso, Guillermina
2008 A new model of wage determination and wage inequalityJasso, Guillermina
1989 Loss of Stability and Emergence of Chaos in Dynamical SystemsJohnson, Russell A.
1989 Stochastic Behaviour of Deterministic SystemsCarleson, Lennart
1989 On the Design of Complex Organizations and Distributive AlgorithmsSaari, Donald G.
1989 Erratic Behavior in Economic ModelsSaari, Donald G.
2014 Hospital Treatment Rates and Spillover Effects: Does Ownership Matter?Baltagi, Badi H. / Yen, Yin-Fang
2010 Finite-State Markov Chains obey Benford's LawKaynar, Bahar / Berger, Arno / Hill, Theodore P. / Ridder, Ad
2012 Detecting correlations among functional sequence motifsPirino, Davide / Rigosa, Jacopo / Ledda, Alice / Ferretti, Luca

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