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2008 Global business cycles: convergence or decoupling?Kose, M. Ayhan / Otrok, Christopher M. / Prasad, Eswar
2008 Climbing the drug staircase: a Bayesian analysis of the initiation of hard drug useBretteville-Jensen, Anne Line / Jacobi, Liana
2003 A finer point in forensic identificationMehlum, Halvor
2004 Job search and hyperbolic discounting : structural estimation and policy evaluationPaserman, Marco Daniele
2004 Bayesian inference for duration data with unobserved and unknown heterogeneity : Monte Carlo evidence and an applicationPaserman, Marco Daniele
2010 Bayesian estimation and model selection in the generalised stochastic unit root modelYang, Fuyu / Leon-Gonzalez, Roberto
2008 Adaptive Mixture of Student-t distributions as a Flexible Candidate Distribution for Efficient SimulationArdia, David / Hoogerheide, Lennart F. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2008 Climate change and modelling of extreme temperatures in SwitzerlandSiliverstovs, Boriss / Ötsch, Rainald / Kemfert, Claudia / Jaeger, Carlo / Haas, Armin / Kremers, Hans
2009 A practitioner's guide to Bayesian estimation of discrete choice dynamic programming modelsChing, Andrew / Imai, Susumu / Ishihara, Masakazu / Jain, Neelam
1996 ARMA-GARCH Models: Bayes Estimation Versus MLE, and Bayes Non-stationarity TestNakatsuma, Teruo / Tsurumi, Hiroki

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