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DateTitle Authors
2004 Exact small sample properties of the instrumental variable estimator: A view from a different angleMehlum, Halvor
2006 Sample- and segment-size specific Model Selection in Mixture Regression Analysis. A Monte Carlo simulation studySarstedt, Marko
2012 Additive models: Extensions and related modelsMammen, Enno / Park, Byeong U. / Schienle, Melanie
2013 Inference on Co-integration Parameters in Heteroskedastic Vector AutoregressionsBoswijk, H. Peter / Cavaliere, Giuseppe / Rahbek, Anders / Taylor, A. M. Robert
2011 ModellrisikoStahl, Gerhard / Sibbertsen, Philipp / Bertram, Philip
2001 Testing multiple non-nested factor demand systemsManera, Matteo / MacAleer, Michael
2014 Money growth and consumer price inflation in the euro area: A wavelet analysisMandler, Martin / Scharnagl, Michael
2008 A imputação da renda nãotrabalho na pesquisa mensal de emprego (PME/IBGE) e seu proveito em análises dinâmicas de pobreza e desigualdadeRibas, Rafael Perez / Machado, Ana Flávia
2007 On econometric analysis of structural systems with permanent and transitory shocks and exogenous variablesPagan, Adrian / Pesaran, Mohammad Hashem
2010 Analysing currency risk premia in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and SlovakiaRezessy, András

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