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DateTitle Authors
2006 A New Multivariate Product Growth ModelBoswijk, H.P. / Fok, D. / Franses, P.-H.
2011 Cost of production estimates for wheat, milk and pigs in selected EU member statesKleinhanß, Werner / Offermann, Frank / Butault, Jean-Pierre / Surry, Yves
2003 Multivariate regression and ANOVA models with outliers: A comparative approachPolasek, Wolfgang
2008 An empirical analysis of gender bias in education spending in ParaguayMasterson, Thomas
2008 Visualizing exploratory factor analysis modelsKlinke, Sigbert / Wagner, Cornelia
2008 Illegal trade in the Iranian economy: evidence from a structural modelFarzanegan, Mohammad Reza
2010 The Ifo business cycle clock: Circular correlation with the real GDPAbberger, Klaus / Nierhaus, Wolfgang
2012 The influence of spatial effects on wind power revenues under direct marketing rulesGrothe, Oliver / Müsgens, Felix
2012 Play-hysteresis in supply as part of a market modelGöcke, Matthias
2013 Play-Hysteresis in Supply as Part of a Market ModelGöcke, Matthias

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