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1971 Gewinnoptimale Instandhaltung unter Berücksichtigung wahrscheinlichkeitstheoretischer GrundlagenScholtz, Hellmut D.
2000 Aggregation and seasonal adjustment : empirical results for EMU quarterly national accountsWolters, Jürgen / Stephan, Sabine / Rietzler, Katja
2005 Host country attractiveness for CDM non-sink projectsJung, Martina
2002 Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal Policies on Long-Run GrowthNijkamp, Peter / Jacques Poot, Victoria
2008 Stochastic expected utility and prospect theory in a horse race: A finite mixture approachBruhin, Adrian
2007 Risk and rationality: Uncovering heterogeneity in probability distortionBruhin, Adrian / Fehr-Duda, Helga / Epper, Thomas F.
2001 Asset Market Linkages in Crisis PeriodsHartmann, P. / Straetmans, S. / de Vries, C.G.
2008 Recursive portfolio selection with decision treesAndriyashin, Anton / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Timofeev, Roman
2007 A new approach for disclosure control in the IAB Establishment Panel: multiple imputation for a better data accessDrechsler, Jörg / Dundler, Agnes / Bender, Stefan / Rässler, Susanne / Zwick, Thomas
2010 Remote Access. Eine Welt ohne Mikrodaten ??Ronning, Gerd / Bleninger, Philipp / Drechsler, Jörg / Gürke, Christopher

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