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2001 Discrete-Time Approximations of the Holmström-Milgrom Brownian-Motion Model of Intertemporal Incentive ProvisionHellwig, Martin F. / Schmidt, Klaus M.
2004 A Video Interview of Buz BrockMizrach, Bruce
2002 Polynomial Time Algorithms for Some Multi-Level Lot-Sizing Problems with Production Capacitiesvan Hoesel, Stan / Romeijn, H. Edwin / Morales, Dolores Romero / Wagelmans, Albert P.M.
2002 A Note on Ending Inventory Valuation in Multiperiod Production Schedulingvan den Heuvel, Wilco / Wagelmans, Albert P.M.
2008 A maximum principle for control problems with monotonicity constraintsHellwig, Martin
2009 On the Phelps-Koopmans theoremMitra, Tapan / Ray, Debraj
2012 Envelope theorems for non-smooth and non-concave optimizationClausen, Andrew / Strub, Carlo
2009 Coin migration within the euro areaSeitz, Franz / Stoyan, Dietrich / Tödter, Karl-Heinz
2013 Optimal rules for central bank interest rates subject to zero lower boundSingh, Ajay Pratap / Nikolaou, Michael
2010 Approximate Results for a Generalized Secretary ProblemDietz, Chris / van der Laan, Dinard / Ridder, Ad

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