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2008 On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraintsKlarl, Torben
2010 Matching and saving in continuous time: ProofsBayer, Christian / Wälde, Klaus
2002 On Borel Probability Measures and Noncooperative Game TheoryFrenk, J.B.G. / Kassay, G. / Protassov, V.
2001 A Characterization of Melioration in Game Theoretic FrameworksApesteguia, Jose
2005 Notes on an endogenous growth model with two capital stocks II: the stochastic caseBethmann, Dirk
2006 Stability and dynamics in an overlapping generations economy under flexible wage negotiation and capital accumulationKoskela, Erkki / Puhakka, Mikko
2012 Optimal monetary policy under learning in a new Keynesian model with cost channel and inflation inertiaBask, Mikael / Proaño, Christian R.
2014 Hysteresis effects in economics: Different methods for describing economic path-dependenceBelke, Ansgar / Göcke, Matthias / Werner, Laura
2005 Wealth-driven competition in a speculative financial market: Examples with maximizing agentsAnufriev, Mikhail
2013 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecastingDufrfesne, Daniel / Vázquez-Abad, Felisa

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