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DateTitle Authors
2012 Serial dictatorship: The unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenousBade, Sophie
2001 Stakeholders, Bargaining and StrikesShields, Michael A. / Price, Stephen Wheatley
2011 Power asymmetry and escalation in bargainingVollstädt, Ulrike
2012 Bargaining with two-person-groups: On the Insignificance of the patient partnerKirchkamp, Oliver / Vollstädt, Ulrike
2012 Are groups more rational, more competitive or more prosocial bargainers?Vollstädt, Ulrike / Böhm, Robert
2010 Bargaining and reputation in search marketsAtakan, Alp E. / Ekmekci, Mehmet
2012 An analysis of the German university admissions systemWestkamp, Alexander
2006 Consistency and unanimity in the house allocation problems I: Collective initial endowmentsTakamiya, Koji
2005 Two support results for the Kalai-Smorodinsky solution in small object division marketsHaake, Claus-Jochen
2002 Cheap talk comparisons in multi-issue bargainingChakraborty, Archishman / Harbaugh, Richmond

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