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DateTitle Authors
2012 Serial dictatorship: The unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenousBade, Sophie
1997 Manipulation and Stability in the College Admissions ProblemMa, Jinpeng
2001 Nash bargaining solution with coalitions and the joint bargaining paradoxChae, Suchan / Heidhues, Paul
2010 Matching allocation problems with endogenous information acquisitionBade, Sophie
2007 Telling the truth may not pay off: an empirical study of centralised university admissions in GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Dwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea
2001 Stakeholders, Bargaining and StrikesShields, Michael A. / Price, Stephen Wheatley
1995 Weakening the weak may harm the strong: A bargaining model where opting-in is costlyRiedl, Arno
1996 An exact implementation of the Nash bargaining solution in dominant strategiesTrockel, Walter
2011 Power asymmetry and escalation in bargainingVollstädt, Ulrike
2012 Bargaining with two-person-groups: On the Insignificance of the patient partnerKirchkamp, Oliver / Vollstädt, Ulrike

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