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DateTitle Authors
2013 Optimal recall period length in consumer payment surveysHitczenko, Marcin
2011 The effect of interviewer personality, skills and attitudes on respondent co-operation with face-to-face surveysJäckle, Annette / Lynn, Peter / Sinibaldi, Jennifer / Tipping, Sarah
2012 First equals most important? Order effects in vignette-based measurementAuspurg, Katrin / Jäckle, Annette
2012 Causes of mode effects: Separating out interviewer and stimulus effects in comparisons of face-to-face and telephone surveysRoberts, Caroline / Jäckle, Annette
2013 Migration and remittances in Tajikistan: Survey technical reportDanzer, Alexander M. / Dietz, Barbara / Gatskova, Kseniia
2013 Modeling anchoring effects in sequential likert scale questionsHitczenko, Marcin
2014 Randomized control trials in an imperfect worldSiddique, Zahra
2010 Data quality in telephone surveys and the effect of questionnaire length: A cross-national experimentRoberts, Caroline / Eva, Gillian / Allum, Nick / Lynn, Peter
2011 Is it a good idea to optimise question format for mode of data collection? Results from a mixed modes experimentNicolaas, Gerry / Campanelli, Pamela / Hope, Steven / Jäckle, Annette / Lynn, Peter
2011 The effects of mixed mode survey designs on simple and complex analysesMartin, Peter / Lynn, Peter

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