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2008 Selection and mode effects in risk preference elicitation experimentsvon Gaudecker, Hans-Martin / van Soest, Arthur / Wengström, Erik
2010 The effects of (incentivized) belief elicitation in public goods experimentsGächter, Simon / Renner, Elke
2014 Human Pro-Social Motivation and the Maintenance of Social OrderGaechter, Simon
1991 The Perils of Peer Review in Economics and Other SciencesFölster, Stefan
2014 To Commit or not to Commit? An Experimental Investigation of Pre-Commitments in Bargaining Situations with Asymmetric InformationHoffmann, Sönke / Mihm, Benedikt / Weimann, Joachim
2012 Self-selection and variations in the laboratory measurement of other-regarding preferences across subject pools: Evidence from one college student and two adult samplesAnderson, Jon / Burks, Stephen V. / Carpenter, Jeffrey / Götte, Lorenz / Maurer, Karsten / Nosenzo, Daniele / Potter, Ruth / Rocha, Kim / Rustichini, Aldo
2013 Self-selection into economics experiments is driven by monetary rewardsAbeler, Johannes / Nosenzo, Daniele
2005 The neuroeconomics of mind reading and empathySinger, Tania / Fehr, Ernst
2005 Neuroeconomic foundations of trust and social preferencesFehr, Ernst / Fischbacher, Urs / Kosfeld, Michael
2011 Challenging the intrapersonal empathy gap: An experiment with self-commitment powerUhl, Matthias

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