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DateTitle Authors
2006 Charles Darwin meets Amoeba economicus: why natural selection cannot explain rationalityKhalil, Elias L.
2009 Algorithmic trading engines versus human traders: Do they behave different in securities markets?Gomber, Peter / Gsell, Markus
2009 Choice by lexicographic semiordersManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2010 A salience theory of choice errorsManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2004 Rationalizing Boundedly Rational Choice : Sequential Rationalizability and Rational Shortlist MethodsManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2012 Stochastic choice and consideration setsManzini, Paola / Mariotti, Marco
2007 Reason-based choice correspondencesLombardi, Michele
2007 What kind of preference maximization does the weak axiom of revealed non-inferiority characterize?Lombardi, Michele
2005 Entrepreneurial Overconfidence: Evidence from a C.A.R.T. ApproachKöllinger, Philipp / Minniti, Maria / Schade, Christian
2012 Preferences for redistribution around the worldNeher, Frank

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