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2008 Gender, source country characteristics and labor market assimilation among immigrants: 1980 - 2000Blau, Francine D. / Kahn, Lawrence M. / Papps, Kerry L.
2008 Arranged' marriage, co-residence and female schooling: a model with evidence from IndiaDasgupta, Indraneel / Maitra, Pushkar / Mukherjee, Diganta
2008 Does relative income matter for the very poor? Evidence from rural ethiopiaAkay, Alpaslan / Martinsson, Peter
2008 The transmission of women's fertility, human capital and work orientation across immigrant generationsBlau, Francine D. / Kahn, Lawrence M. / Liu, Albert Yung-Hsu / Papps, Kerry L.
2008 Immigrant labor, child care services, and the work fertility trade-off in the United StatesFurtado, Delia / Hock, Heinrich
1991 Job Amenity and the Incidence of Double WorkLundborg, Per
2011 The child adoption marketplace: Parental preferences and adoption outcomesSkidmore, Mark / Anderson, Gary / Eiswerth, Mark
2011 The long shadow of income on trustworthinessErmisch, John / Gambetta, Diego
2013 Individual pro-environmental behaviour in the household contextLonghi, Simonetta
1997 Theoretiker in einer Höhle ohne Schattenspiel: Ein Fortschritt ist möglich!Leibbrand, Frank

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