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DateTitle Authors
2012 Riester-Renten müssen verbraucherfreundlicher seinBell, Eva
2009 Enjoy! Assertive Language and Consumer Compliance in (Non)Hedonic ContextsKronrod, Ann / Grinstein, Amir / Wathieu, Luc
2004 Investment in Hospital Care Technology under Different Purchasing Rules: A Real Option ApproachMoretto, Michele / Levaggi, Rosella
2014 Autonomy-enhancing paternalismBinder, Martin / Lades, Leonhard K.
2006 Tomorrow's hunger: A framework for analysing vulnerability to food securityLovendal, Christian Romer / Knowles, Marco
2008 A welfare analysis of "junk" information and spam filtersFalkinger, Josef
2011 Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigationCrosetto, Paolo / Gaudeul, Alexia
2000 Allowing for household preferences in emission trading-A contribution to the climate policy debateAhlheim, Michael / Schneider, Friedrich
2010 Improving consumer mobility in the mobile voice services market: a comprehensive set of remediesAmante, Ana / Vareda, João
2004 Food risk perceptions by different consumer groups in GermanyRoosen, Jutta / Thiele, Silke / Hansen, Kristin

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