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DateTitle Authors
2003 Income Thresholds and Income ClassesD'Ambrosio, Conchita / Muliere, Pietro / Secchi, Piercesare
2003 On Household Wealth Trends in Sweden over the 1990sKlevmarken, N. Anders
2006 The Distribution of Wealth in Sweden: Trends and Driving factorsKlevmarken, N. Anders
2004 Household wealth distribution in Italy in the 1990sBrandolini, Andrea / Cannari, Luigi / d'Alessio, Giovanni / Faiella, Ivan
2007 Earnings mobility in Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela: testing the divergence of earnings and the symmetry of mobility hypothesesFields, Gary S. / Duval-Hernández, Robert / Freije, Samuel / Sánchez Puerta, María Laura
2008 The impact of local public services and geographical cost of living differences on poverty estimatesAaberge, Rolf / Langørgen, Audun / Mogstad, Magne / Østensen, Marit
2008 A comparison of the poverty impact of transfers, taxes and market income across five OECD countriesBibi, Sami / Duclos, Jean-Yves
2008 Intergenerational top income mobility in Sweden: a combination of equal opportunity and capitalistic dynastiesBjörklund, Anders / Roine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel
2001 On the Wealth Dynamics of Swedish Families 1984-1998Klevmarken, N. Anders
2011 On the role of capital gains in Swedish income inequalityRoine, Jesper / Waldenström, Daniel

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