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DateTitle Authors
1998 Strategic Formation of CoalitionsMa, Jinpeng
2003 Competing Transport Networksvan der Leij, Marco J.
2004 Platform OwnershipNocke, Volker / Peitz, Martin / Stahl, Konrad
2012 Primary and secondary marketsKakarot-Handtke, Egmont
2005 Two support results for the Kalai-Smorodinsky solution in small object division marketsHaake, Claus-Jochen
2008 Market structure, technological gap and vertical linkage effects from foreign direct investmentKadochnikov, Sergey M. / Drapkin, Igor M.
1998 Market Power, Scale Economies and Productivity: Estimates from a Panel of Establishment DataKlette, T.J.
2005 Price setting in German manufacturing: new evidence from new survey dataStahl, Harald
2006 Price adjustment in German manufacturing: evidence from two merged surveyStahl, Harald
2010 Der Coupon-Handelsansatz als Modell für eine subjektbezogene Finanzierung der KinderbetreuungEgbert, Henrik / Hildenbrand, Andreas

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