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DateTitle Authors
2007 Visualization of competitive market structure by means of choice dataKunz, Werner
2002 Fundamentals of Production Theory in International Trade. A Modern Approach Based on Theory of DualityBobzin, Hagen
2011 Der E-Commerce und seine Vergütungsmodelle in Bezug auf Affiliate-MarketingBielefeldt, Jonas
2013 Higher Quality Exhaustible Resource Deposits Receiving Higher or Lower Resource Rents in a Simple Spatial FrameworkHartwick, John
2004 The price of adviceEső, Péter / Szentes, Balázs
2011 Higher quality exhaustible resource deposits receiving higher or lower resource rents in a simple spatial frameworkHartwick, John
2015 Emergence of networks and market institutions in a large virtual economyKephart, Curtis / Friedman, Daniel / Baumer, Matt
2013 The price premium for organic wines: Estimating a hedonic farm-gate price equationCorsi, Alessandro / Strøm, Steinar
2006 Institutional analysis of financial market fragmentation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A risk-cost configuration approachNissanke, Machiko / Aryeetey, Ernest
2010 Explaining the favorite-longshot bias: Is it risk-love or misperceptions?Snowberg, Erik / Wolfers, Justin

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