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DateTitle Authors
2003 Hildenbrand Distribution Economies as Limiting Empirical Distributions of Random EconomiesHohnisch, Martin
2012 Fuzzy rejective core of satiated economies with unbounded consumption setsAllouch, Nizar / Florenzano, Monique
1983 Disequilibrium Economic Dynamics: A Post-Schumpeterian ContributionDay, Richard A.
2004 The Current Non-Status of General Equilibrium TheoryKatzner, Donald W.
1984 Das Walras-Gesetz bei MengenrestriktionenHomburg, Stefan
2012 Stabilizing the economy: Market design and general equilibriumGoeree, Jacob K. / Lindsay, Luke
2010 Monopoly innovation and welfare effectsYao, Shuntian / Gan, Lydia
2012 Primary and secondary marketsKakarot-Handtke, Egmont
2010 Common knowledge of rationality and market clearing in economies with asymmetric informationBen-Porath, Elchanan / Heifetz, Aviad
2014 The Singular Value Decomposition of a Technology MatrixFisher, Eric O'N.

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