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2009 Indivisible commodities and an equivalence theorem on the strong coreInoue, Tomoki
2009 Strong core equivalence theorem in an atomless economy with indivisible commoditiesInoue, Tomoki
2009 Core allocations may not be Walras allocations in any large finite economy with indivisible commoditiesInoue, Tomoki
2012 Opportunity and preference learningSchubert, Christian
2011 Competitive outcomes and the inner core of NTU market gamesBrangewitz, Sonja / Gamp, Jan-Philip
2013 On the relation between the equilibrium set and the demand functionsMichelacakis, Nickolas J.
2011 Existence of exact Walrasian equilibria in non convex economiesD'Agata, Antonio
2015 Cultural Biases in Migration: Estimating Non-Monetary Migration CostsFalck, Oliver / Lameli, Alfred / Ruhose, Jens
2001 Unemployment, Factor Substitution, and Capital FormationKaas, Leo / von Thadden, Leopold
2014 The Cost of Migrating to a Culturally Different LocationRuhose, Jens / Falck, Oliver / Lameli, Alfred

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