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DateTitle Authors
2008 Economic growth and subjective well-being: reassessing the easterlin paradoxStevenson, Betsey / Wolfers, Justin
2008 Shall we kill or enslave Caesar? Analyzing the Caesar modelJasso, Guillermina
2014 Towards an operational measurement of socio-ecological performanceKettner, Claudia / Köppl, Angela / Stagl, Sigrid
2012 Risk, entitlements and fairness bias: Explaining preferences for redistribution in multi-person settingKataria, Mitesh / Montinari, Natalia
2014 Indirect taxation, public pricing and price cap regulation: A synthesisValentini, Edilio
2007 On the desirability of taxing charitable contributionsBlumkin, Tomer / Sadka, Efraim
2007 The Compensating Income Variation of Social CapitalGroot, Wim / van den Brink, Henriëtte Maassen / van Praag, Bernard M.S.
2011 Coping with unpleasant surprises in a complex world: Is rational choice possible in a world with positive information costs?Congleton, Roger D.
2008 Možnosti analytického uchopení reciprocity v sociálních interakcíchŠtika, Pavel
2004 On Vertically Challenged and Horizontal Equity : Reassessing Anti-Discrimination RulesSadka, Efraim / Margalioth, Yoram / Blumkin, Tomer

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