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DateTitle Authors
2008 Wage risk and employment risk over the life cycleLow, Hamish / Meghir, Costas / Pistaferri, Luigi
2008 Forced saving, redistribution and nonlinear social security schemesCremer, Helmuth / de Donder, Philippe / Maldonado, Darío / Pestieau, Pierre
2002 Saving and Habit Formation: Evidence from Dutch Panel DataAlessie, Rob / Teppa, Federica
2007 Optimal consumption choice with intolerance for declining standard of livingRiedel, Frank
2004 Can the retirement consumption puzzle be resolved? Evidence from UK panel dataSmith, Sarah
2010 Financial literacy among the young: Evidence and implications for consumer policyLusardi, Annamaria / Mitchell, Olivia S. / Curto, Vilsa
2010 How ordinary consumers make complex economic decisions: Financial literacy and retirement readinessLusardi, Annamaria / Mitchell, Olivia S.
2006 Precautionary savings and the importance of business ownersHurst, Erik / Kennickell, Arthur / Lusardi, Annamaria / Torralba, Francisco
2007 Household saving behavior: The role of literacy, information and financial education programsLusardi, Annamaria
2007 A direct test of the buffer-stock model of savingJappelli, Tullio / Padula, Mario / Pistaferri, Luigi

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