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2010 Regional Surveillance for East Asia: How Can It Be Designed to Complement Global Surveillance?Takagi, Shinji
2013 Neoliberal Unshared Growth Regime of Turkey in the Post-2001 PeriodHerr, Hansjörg / Sonat, Zeynep M.
2009 Payment system in Indonesia: Recent developments and policy issuesTitiheruw, Ira S. / Atje, Raymond
2008 Asia's infrastructure challenges: Issues of institutional capacityStone, Susan F.
2008 Acumulação de capital, distribuição e crescimento econômico no Brasil: Uma análise dos determinantes de longo prazoBruno, Miguel A. P.
2014 Modern Money Theory and interrelations between the treasury and the central bank: The case of the United StatesTymoigne, Éric
2014 Money is more than memoryBigoni, Maria / Camera, Gabriele / Casari, Marco
2013 Towards deeper financial integration in Europe: What the banking union can contributeBuch, Claudia M. / Körner, Tobias / Weigert, Benjamin
2010 Modeling institutional evolutionNeyapti, Bilin
2012 Konjunkturelle Ausgleichszahlungen als Stabilisierungsinstrument in der Europäischen WährungsunionBernoth, Kerstin / Engler, Philipp

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