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DateTitle Authors
2009 D and Z in ROPE: Will the real Keynes please stand up?Hartwig, Jochen
2013 Keynes's employment function and the gratuitous Phillips curve disasterKakarot-Handtke, Egmont
2009 The cost of tractability and the Calvo pricing assumptionYao, Fang
2010 Can the New Keynesian Phillips Curve explain inflation gap persistence?Yao, Fang
2010 Aggregate hazard function in price-setting: A bayesian analysis using macro dataYao, Fang
2009 Real and nominal rigidities in price setting: A bayesian analysis using aggregate dataYao, Fang
2009 Non-constant hazard function and inflation dynamicsYao, Fang
2009 Time-dependent pricing and New Keynesian Phillips curveYao, Fang
2008 Macroeconomics without the LM: A Post-Keynesian PerspectivePalley, Thomas I.
2008 Oil price shocks: Demand vs supply in a two-country modelCampolmi, Alessia

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