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DateTitle Authors
2008 Hyperbolic discounting and the Phillips curveGraham, Liam / Snower, Dennis J.
2015 European Integration and the Feldstein-Horioka PuzzleKatsimi, Margarita / Zoega, Gylfi
2010 Imputing household spending in the panel study of income dynamics: A comparison of approachesCooper, Daniel
2008 Who becomes an entrepreneur? Labor market prospects and occupational choicePoschke, Markus
2012 Envelope theorems for non-smooth and non-concave optimizationClausen, Andrew / Strub, Carlo
2010 On the aggregate effects of immigration in SpainIzquierdo, Mario / Jimeno, Juan F. / Rojas, Juan A.
2002 A Revealed Preference Approach to Understanding Corporate Governance Problems: Evidence from CanadaChirinko, Robert S. / Schaller, Huntley
2009 Production technologies in stochastic continuous time modelsWälde, Klaus
2013 Anticipated Consumption and its Impact on Capital Accumulation and Growth: 'Forward-Looking' vs. 'Backward-Looking' Consumption ReferenceMonteiro, Goncalo / Turnovsky, Stephen
2006 Structural reforms in the EU and the political myopia in economic policiesAlho, Kari E.O.

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