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2015 Determinantes da taxa de poupança das famílias Brasileiras: Evidência microeconômica com as POFS 2002-2003 e 2008-2009da Silveira, Marcos Antonio Coutinho / Moreira, Ajax Reynaldo Bello
2011 The Time-Varying Volatility of Earnings and Aggregate Precautionary SavingsPozzi, Lorenzo
2007 Idiosyncratic Labour Income Risk and Aggregate Consumption: an Unobserved Component ApproachPozzi, Lorenzo
2006 The golden age of retirementSmart Bakken, Line
2014 Gastos com bens duráveis no ciclo da vida das famílias Brasileirasda Silveira, Marcos Antonio Coutinho
2006 Consumption smoothing and liquidity income redistributionBertola, Giuseppe / Koeniger, Winfried
1991 Individual income, incomplete information, and aggregate consumptionPischke, Jörn-Steffen
2009 Did easy credit lead to overspending? Home equity borrowing and household behavior in the early 2000sCooper, Daniel
2009 Impending US spending bust? The role of housing wealth as borrowing collateralCooper, Daniel
2013 Wealth shocks and macroeconomic dynamicsCooper, Daniel / Dynan, Karen

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