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2005 Do factor shares reflect technology?Bental, Benjamin / Demougin, Dominique M.
2012 Deutsche Industrie stemmt sich gegen die Krise im EuroraumLucke, Dorothea
2013 Cyclical variation in labor hours and productivity using the ATUSBurda, Michael C. / Hamermesh, Daniel S. / Stewart, Jay
2007 The Fisher/Cobb-Douglas paradox, factor shares, and cointegrationChirinko, Robert S. / Mallick, Debdulal
2013 Deutsche Industrie: Durchwachsene Lage, positive AussichtenLucke, Dorothea
2012 Do Japanese stock prices reflect macro fundamentals?Chen, Wenjuan / Velinov, Anton
2012 German industry : A tower of strength?Lucke, Dorothea
2000 Input and output inventoriesHumphreys, Brad R. / Maccini, Louis J. / Schuh, Scott
2012 The granular nature of the great export collapse in German manufacturing industries, 2008/2009Wagner, Joachim
2011 Uncertainty and capacity constraints: reconsidering the aggregate production functionGracia, Eduard

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