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2011 Moonlighting production, tax rates and capital subsidiesBusato, Francesco / Chiarini, Bruno / Marzano, Elisabetta
2011 The shadow economy in OECD countries: Panel-data evidenceKholodilin, Konstantin / Thießen, Ulrich
2005 Globalization, reform and the informal sectorMarjit, Sugata / Maiti, Dibyendu S.
2011 What drives cash demand? Transactional and residual cash demand in selected countriesSisak, Balázs
2012 Loan regulation and child labor in rural IndiaDasgupta, Basab / Zimmermann, Christian
2011 Product quality, informality, and child labourFotoniata, Eugenia / Moutos, Thomas
2009 Formal and informal sectors in China and India: An accounting-based approachRada, Codrina
2011 Structural transformation in China and India: The role of macroeconomic policiesRada, Codrina / von Arnim, Rudiger
2011 Costos laborales, economia informal y reformas a la legistacion laboral en BoliviaRomán, Soraya
2009 Financial Dependence, Formal Credit and Informal Jobs - New Evidence from Brazilian Household DataCatao, Luis / Pages, Carmen / Rosales, Maria Fernanda

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