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2004 Do Consumer Confidence Indexes Help Forecast Consumer Spending in Real Time?Croushore, Dean
2008 Sozioökonomische Modellierung: Integration der Sozioökonomischen Gesamtrechnung (SGR) des Statistischen Bundesamtes in DEMOS IIDrosdowski, Thomas / Wolter, Marc Ingo
2011 Fiscal Sustainability, Volatility and Oil Wealth: A Stochastic Analysis of Fiscal Spending Rulesvan Wijnbergen, Sweder / Budina, Nina
2010 Forecasting with many predictors - Is boosting a viable alternative?Buchen, Teresa / Wohlrabe, Klaus
1997 Real business cycle realizationsSmith, Gregor W. / Zin, Stanley E.
2013 Information Rigidities in Economic Growth Forecasts: Evidence from a Large International PanelDovern, Jonas / Fritsche, Ulrich / Loungani, Prakash / Tamirisa, Natalia
2007 Forecaster Behaviour and Bias in Macroeconomic ForecastsBatchelor, Roy
2011 A munkakereslet nemzetközi tendenciáiHorn, Dániel
2014 Forecasting Chinese GDP growth with mixed frequency data: Which indicators to look at?Mikosch, Heiner / Zhang, Ying
2014 Regional Economic Forecasting: State-of-the-Art Methodology and Future ChallengeLehmann, Robert / Wohlrabe, Klaus

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