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2008 Real wages over the business cycle: OECD evidence from the time and frequency domainsMessina, Julián / Strozzi, Chiara / Turunen, Jarkko
2005 Effects of oil price shocks on German business cyclesSchmidt, Torsten / Zimmermann, Tobias
2001 Measures of the Output Gap in the Euro-Zone: An Empirical Assessment of Selected MethodsDöpke, Jörg / Chagny, Odile
2005 Economic fluctuations in Central and Eastern Europe - the factsBenczúr, Péter / Rátfai, Attila
2008 A good time to stay out? Strikes and the business cycleDevereux, Paul J. / Hart, Robert A.
1999 Endogenous business cycles and the dynamics of output, hours, and consumptionSchmitt-Grohe, Stephanie
2008 Understanding the contributions of reallocation to productivity growth: lessons from a comparative firm-level analysisBrown, J. David / Earle, John S.
2008 Unemployment dynamics and the cost of business cyclesHairault, Jean-Olivier / Langot, François / Osotimehin, Sophie
2007 Rule-of-thumb consumers, productivity and hoursFurlanetto, Francesco / Seneca, Martin
1998 Leading indicators for Euroland's business cycleDöpke, Jörg

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