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2008 On the bilateral trade effects of free trade agreements between the EU-15 and the CEEC-4 countriesCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Rault, Christophe / Sova, Robert / Sova, Anamaria
2000 Fiscal policy, automatic stabilisers and policy coordination in EMUVirén, Matti
2002 European fiscal policies under the stability pact - some first insightsLehment, Harmen
2001 Optimal fiscal and monetary policy under imperfect competitionSchmitt-Grohé, Stephanie / Uribe, Martín
2005 Policy mix and debt sustainability : evidence from fiscal policy rulesClaeys, Peter
2006 Cues for coordination: light, longitude and LettermanHamermesh, Daniel S. / Myers, Caitlin Knowles / Pocock, Mark L.
2007 The Long Term Effect of Education Spending Decentralization on Human Capital in SpainMerrouche, Ouarda
2004 Eyes on the Prize: How Did the Fed Respond to the Stock Market?Tootell, Geoff / Fuhrer, Jeff
2013 Are governments able to lean against the macroeconomic wind?Kiefer, David
2008 New Keynesian endogenous stabilization in a panel of countriesKiefer, David

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