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2000 Fiscal policy, automatic stabilisers and policy coordination in EMUVirén, Matti
2008 On the bilateral trade effects of free trade agreements between the EU-15 and the CEEC-4 countriesCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Rault, Christophe / Sova, Robert / Sova, Anamaria
2001 Optimal fiscal and monetary policy under imperfect competitionSchmitt-Grohé, Stephanie / Uribe, Martín
2015 Goals and Rules in Central Bank DesignWalsh, Carl
2007 The Long Term Effect of Education Spending Decentralization on Human Capital in SpainMerrouche, Ouarda
2003 The end of stability and growth pact?de Haan, Jakob / Berger, Helge / Jansen, David-Jan
2013 Are governments able to lean against the macroeconomic wind?Kiefer, David
2008 New Keynesian endogenous stabilization in a panel of countriesKiefer, David
2010 A 2-equation model of the North Atlantic economies, a dynamic panel studyKiefer, David
2008 Inflation targeting, the natural rate and expectationsKiefer, David

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