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2003 Home Market and Traditional Effects on Comparative Advantage in a Gravity ApproachSchumacher, Dieter
2005 Why parallel trade may raise producers profitsRaff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2001 Market Size and Factor Endowment: Explaining Comparative Advantage in Bilateral Trade by Differences in Income and Per Capita IncomeSchumacher, Dieter
2010 A simple model of service offshoring with time zone differencesKikuchi, Toru / Long, Ngo Van
2010 Trade Liberalization and Welfare Inequality: a Demand-Based ApproachTarasov, Alexander
2007 The missing globalization puzzle: another explanationSiliverstovs, Boriss / Schumacher, Dieter
2007 Estimating gravity equations: to log or not to log?Siliverstovs, Boriss / Schumacher, Dieter
2013 Tariffs, Trade and Productivity: A Quantitative Evaluation of Heterogeneous Firm ModelsBreinlich, Holger / Cuñat, Alejandro
2008 Agglomeration, vertical specialization, and the strength of industrial linkagesKranich, Jan
2012 Import Prices, Income and InequalityBekkers, Eddy / Francois, Joseph / Manchin, Miriam

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