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DateTitle Authors
2002 Through A Glass Darkly: New Questions (And Answers) About IMF ProgramsJoyce, Joseph P.
2001 Time present and time past : a duration analysis of IMF program spellsJoyce, Joseph P.
2008 Reforming the IMF: Lessons from modern central bankingMaier, Philipp / Santor, Eric
2006 Catching-up, inflation differentials and credit booms in a heterogeneous monetary union: some implications for EMU and new EU member statesMacDonald, Ronald / Wójcik, Cezary
2000 Are Banks Different? Evidence from International DataBuch, Claudia M.
2007 Foreign capital and economic growthPrasad, Eswar S. / Rajan, Raghuram G. / Subramanian, Arvind
2012 The renminbi's role in the global monetary systemPrasad, Eswar / Ye, Lei
2002 Ratings since the Asian crisisReisen, Helmut
2013 The influence of foreign direct investments on Montenegro payment balanceGardasevic, Ana
1999 Währungskrisen : Frühwarnindikatoren, Übertragungskanäle, LösungsansätzeSiebert, Horst

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