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DateTitle Authors
2013 Sovereign default and state-contingent debtBrooke, Martin / Mendes, Rhys / Pienkowski, Alex / Santor, Eric
2006 Original Sin: Analysing Its Mechanics and a proposed Remedy a Simple Macroeconomic ModelLindner, Axel
2003 Sovereign risk in a structural approach: Evaluating sovereign ability-to-pay and probability of defaultKarmann, Alexander / Maltritz, Dominik
2002 The political economy of the enhanced HIPC-initiativeMichaelowa, Katharina
2001 Do country fundamentals explain emerging market bond spreads?Beck, Roland
2001 HIPC debt relief and policy reform incentivesBerthélemy, Jean-Claude
2002 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvencyThomas, Jonathan P.
2002 Proposals for curbing the boom-bust cycle in the supply of capital to emerging marketsWilliamson, John
2003 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvency and their effect on capital flowsThomas, Jonathan P.
2013 The Greek Debt Restructuring: An AutopsyZettelmeyer, Jeromin / Trebesch, Christoph / Gulati, Mitu

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