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DateTitle Authors
2013 Sovereign default and state-contingent debtBrooke, Martin / Mendes, Rhys / Pienkowski, Alex / Santor, Eric
2002 The political economy of the enhanced HIPC-initiativeMichaelowa, Katharina
2006 Original Sin: Analysing Its Mechanics and a proposed Remedy a Simple Macroeconomic ModelLindner, Axel
2013 The Greek Debt Restructuring: An AutopsyZettelmeyer, Jeromin / Trebesch, Christoph / Gulati, Mitu
2001 Do country fundamentals explain emerging market bond spreads?Beck, Roland
2003 Sovereign risk in a structural approach: Evaluating sovereign ability-to-pay and probability of defaultKarmann, Alexander / Maltritz, Dominik
2001 HIPC debt relief and policy reform incentivesBerthélemy, Jean-Claude
2002 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvencyThomas, Jonathan P.
2002 Proposals for curbing the boom-bust cycle in the supply of capital to emerging marketsWilliamson, John
2003 Bankruptcy proceedings for sovereign state insolvency and their effect on capital flowsThomas, Jonathan P.

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