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2010 Do foreign asset holdings affect household consumption?McLoughlin, Cameron
2009 Exchange rate management in emerging markets : intervention via an electronic limit order bookMelvin, Michael / Menkhoff, Lukas / Schmeling, Maik
2010 Sectoral productivity and spillover effects of FDI in Latin AmericaTondl, Gabriele / Fornero, Jorge A.
2005 The price of corporate social responsibility: The case of black economic empowerment transactions in South AfricaJackson, William E. / Alessandri, Todd M. / Black, Sylvia Sloan
2009 Prestigious stock exchanges: A network analysis of international financial centersCetorelli, Nicola / Peristiani, Stavros
2005 FDI and growth: a causal relationshipChowdhury, Abdur / Mavrotas, George
2002 Flight capital and its reversal for development financingHermes, Niels / Lensink, Robert / Murinde, Victor
2005 Demutualization, Outsider Ownership and Stock Exchange Performance - Empirical EvidenceSerifsoy, Baris
2005 Business Models and Stock Exchange Performance - Empirical EvidenceSerifsoy, Baris
2011 Permanent and selective capital account management regimes as an alternative to self-insurance strategies in emerging-market economiesBibow, Jörg