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2013 O regime internacional de combate ao racismo e à discriminação racialGoes, Fernanda Lira / Silva, Tatiana Dias
2015 Democracies cooperate more: Even where it threatens to bite?Hühne, Philipp / Meyer, Birgit / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2014 Are stricter investment rules contagious? Host country competition for foreign direct investment through international agreementsNeumayer, Eric / Nunnenkamp, Peter / Roy, Martin
2014 Export policies and the general agreement on trade in servicesAdlung, Rudolf
2007 Monitoring and evaluation reform under changing aid modalities: Seeking the middle ground in aid-dependent low-income countriesHolvoet, Nathalie / Renard, Robrecht
2011 Global financial governance: A perspective from the international monetary fundWilczyński, Ryszard
2012 Import tariffs and export subsidies in the World Trade Organization: A small-country approachPotipiti, Tanapong
2007 Are the GCC FDI Location Determinants Favorable?Wasseem, Mina
2013 Subsídios para participação de policiais brasileiros em operações de paz das nações unidas: Funcionamento, tarefas, recrutamento e oportunidades de destaqueKenkel, Kai Michael / Passarelli Hamann, Eduardo
2013 Needs-based targeting or favoritism? The regional allocation of multilateral aid within recipient countriesÖhler, Hannes / Nunnenkamp, Peter

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