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2013 The Effectiviness Of The Network Theory In Improving The Contribution To Financial Innovation Of Italian Cooperative BanksArnone, Massimo / Modina, Michele
2000 Financial Market Integration in the US: Lessons for Europe?Buch, Claudia M.
2013 Von der Finanzialisierung zurück zum Boring Banking?Scherrer, Christoph
2002 The Relationship between Bank Capital, Risk-Taking, and Capital Regulation: A Review of the LiteratureStolz, Stéphanie
2010 Exports versus FDI revisited: does finance matter?Buch, Claudia M. / Kesternich, Iris / Lipponer, Alexander / Schnitzer, Monika
1999 California Banking in the Nineteenth Century: The Art and Method of the Bank of A. LevyWhite, Eugene
2013 Central Bank Screening, Moral Hazard, and the Lender of Last Resort PolicyLi, Mei / Milne, Frank / Qiu, Junfen
2013 Uncertainty in an Interconnected Financial System, Contagion, and Market FreezesLi, Mei / Milne, Frank / Qui, Junfeng
2009 Public Initiatives to Support Entrepreneurs: Credit Guarantees versus Co-FundingArping, Stefan / Lóránth, Gyöngyi / Morrison, Alan
2010 Exports Versus FDI Revisited: Does Finance Matter?Buch, Claudia M. / Kesternich, Iris / Lipponer, Alexander / Schnitzer, Monika

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