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2011 Giants at the Gate: On the Cross-Section of Private Equity Investment ReturnsLopez-de-Silanes, Florencio / Phalippou, Ludovic / Gottschalg, Oliver
2012 A note on central counterparties in repo marketsTomura, Hajime
2012 On the existence and fragility of repo marketsTomura, Hajime
2004 What drives cash flow based European private equity returns? Fund inflows, skilled GPs and/or risk?Kaserer, Christoph / Diller, Christian
2004 European private equity funds: A cash flow based performance analysisDiller, Christian / Kaserer, Christoph
2006 Credit ratings in the Japanese bond marketYamori, Nobuyoshi / Nishigaki, Narunto / Asai, Yoshihiro
2009 Overdependence on credit ratings was a primary cause of the crisisPartnoy, Frank
2001 Venture Capital in Europe?s Common Market: A Quantitative DescriptionSchertler, Andrea
2003 Driving Forces of Venture Capital Investments in Europe : A Dynamic Panel Data AnalysisSchertler, Andrea
2004 Sources of Funds and Specialization Patterns of European Venture Capital InvestmentsSchertler, Andrea

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