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DateTitle Authors
2004 Managerial hedging and portfolio monitoringBisin, Alberto / Gottardi, Piero / Rampini, Adriano A.
2006 The Effects of Short-Term Liabilities on Profitability: The Case of GermanyBaum, Christopher F. / Schäfer, Dorothea / Talavera, Oleksandr
1999 A Model of Corporate Governance As a SystemHeinrich, Ralph P.
2000 Complementarities in Corporate Governance: Ownership Concentration, Capital Structure, Monitoring and Pecuniary IncentivesHeinrich, Ralph P.
1999 Firm Performance, Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance in the NetherlandsChirinko, Robert S. / van Ees, Hans / Garretsen, Harry / Sterken, Elmer
1999 Complementarities in Corporate Governance - A Survey of the Literature with Special Emphasis on JapanHeinrich, Ralph P.
2008 Contagion and the beginning of the crisis - Pre-Lehman periodKirály, Júlia / Nagy, Márton / Szabó, Viktor E.
2009 How Important Are Risk-Taking Incentives in Executive Compensation?Dittmann, Ingolf / Yu, Ko-Chia
2012 How Trade Credits Foster International TradeEck, Katharina / Engemann, Martina / Schnitzer, Monika
2012 Is it better to say goodbye? When former executives set executive payAndres, Christian / Fernau, Erik / Theissen, Erik

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