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2008 Do employment subsidies work? Evidence from regionally targeted subsidies in TurkeyBetcherman, Gordon / Daysal, N. Meltem / Pagés, Carmen
2004 That elusive elasticity : a long-panel approach to estimating the capital-labor substitution elasticityChirinko, Robert S. / Fazzari, Steven M. / Meyer, Andrew P.
2004 Wide vs. narrow tax bases under optimal investment timingPanteghini, Paolo M.
2005 Effects of corporate tax reforms on SMEs' investment decisions under the particular consideration of inflationNam, Chang Woon / Radulescu, Doina Maria
2009 Retrospective capital gains taxation in the real worldMenoncin, Francesco / Panteghini, Paolo M.
2009 The impact of dividend taxation on dividends and investment : new evidence based on a natural experimentKari, Seppo / Karikallio, Hanna / Pirttilä , Jukka
2008 Anticipating tax changes: evidence from the Finnish corporate income tax reform of 2005Kari, Seppo / Karikallio, Hanna / Pirttilä, Jukka
2008 The Johansson-Samuelson theorem in general equilibrium: a rebuttalMenoncin, Francesco / Panteghini, Paolo M.
2008 Which Communities should be afraid of mobility?: the effects of agglomeration economies on the sensitivity of firm location to local taxesJofre-Monseny, Jordi / Solé-Ollé, Albert
2008 Strategic consolidation under formula apportionmentBuettner, Thiess / Riedel, Nadine / Runkel, Marco

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