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DateTitle Authors
2014 The double role of ethnic heterogeneity in explaining welfare-state generosityJäntti, Markus / Jaynes, Gerald / Roemer, John E.
2005 Demographics and the political sustainability of pay-as-you-go social securityBergstrom, Theodore C. / Hartman, John L.
2009 The German spatial poverty divide: poorly endowed or bad luck?Bönke, Timm / Schröder, Carsten
2009 Sosiaalitilit ja moraalikatoLassila, Jukka / Valkonen, Tarmo
2008 Welfare reform in the UK: 1997 - 2007Brewer, Mike
2010 Poverty in Germany: Statistical inference and decompositionBönke, Timm / Schröder, Carsten
2012 Convergence without hard criteria: Does EU soft law affect domestic unemployment protection schemes?Paetzold, Jörg / van Vliet, Olaf
2010 The nexus between social grants and participation rates: Dynamics across generations in the South African labour marketBurger, Rulof / von Fintel, Dieter / Grün, Carola
2010 Uma análise da carga tributária bruta e das transferências de assistência e previdência no Brasil, no período 1995-2009: Evolução, composição e suas relações com a regressividade e a distribuição de rendaRibeiro, Márcio Bruno
2012 What makes people anxious about life after the age of 65? Evidence from international survey research in Japan, the United States, and ChinaKadoya, Yoshihiko

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