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DateTitle Authors
2010 Public budgets: New challengesAttila, György
1992 Bereit für den EWR? Die österreichische Finanzpolitik in den Jahren 1989 und 1990Genser, Bernd / Holzmann, Robert
2011 Staatsverschuldung ist ein Problem des politischen SystemsKruse, Jörn
2005 Budget deficit, size of the public sector and majority votingSiebel, Jens
2001 The Effects of Fiscal Institutions on Public Finance: A Survey of the Empirical EvidenceKirchgässner, Gebhard
2011 Considerations on the public funds use based on the performance: Program budgetingIoana, Boboc
2004 On the role of budgeting in the delegated provision of public goods under asymmetric informationKrause, Günter
2005 Planning or propaganda? An evaluation of Germany's medium-term budgetary planningHeinemann, Friedrich
2014 Estimating simple fiscal policy reaction functions for the euro area countriesPlödt, Martin / Reicher, Claire
2004 Generational Accounting as a Tool to Assess Fiscal Sustainability: An Overview of the MethodologyBonin, Holger / Patxot, Concepció

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