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DateTitle Authors
2014 When good intentions pave the road to hell: Monetization fears and Europe's narrowing optionsTerzi, Andrea
2013 Do we need a mechanism for solving sovereign debt crises? A rule-based discussionPanizza, Ugo
2005 Discriminatory auctions with seller discretion: evidence from German treasury auctionsRocholl, Jörg
2014 AusterityDellas, Harris / Niepelt, Dirk
2012 Nationale Schuldenbremsen für die Länder der Europäischen Union: Taugt das deutsche Modell als Vorbild?Hetschko, Clemens / Quint, Dominic / Thye, Marius
2014 AusterityDellas, Harris / Niepelt, Dirk
2013 Sustainability of German fiscal policy and public debt: Historical and time series evidence for the period 1850-2010Burret, Heiko T. / Feld, Lars P. / Köhler, Ekkehard A.
1999 The relevance of primary dealers for public bond issuesBreuer, Wolfgang
2013 Debt levels, debt composition, and sovereign spreads in emerging and advanced economiesDell'Erba, Salvatore / Hausmann, Ricardo / Panizza, Ugo
2009 The case of the undying debtVelde, François R.

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