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DateTitle Authors
2003 An Empirical Approach for Evaluating Soft Budget ConstraintsPettersson-Lidbom, Per / Dahlberg, Matz
2013 Efficiency of Decentralized Road Investment and Pricing in a Multi-Jurisdictional City with SpilloversBrueckner, Jan K.
2013 Decentralized Road Investment and Pricing in a Monocentric, Multi-Jurisdictional City: Efficiency with SpilloversBrueckner, Jan K.
2012 Partial fiscal decentralization and public-sector heterogeneity: Theory and evidence from NorwayBorge, Lars-Erik / Brueckner, Jan K. / Rattso, Jorn
2014 Länderfinanzausgleich vor der Reform: Eine BestandsaufnahmeBickmann, Marius / van Deuverden, Kristina
1981 Central Control of the Local Government Sector in SwedenMurray, Richard
2014 Preferential voting, accountability and promotions into political power: Evidence from SwedenFolke, Olle / Persson, Torsten / Rickne, Johanna
2000 Decentralisation of active labour market policy: The case of Swedish local employment service committeesLundin, Martin / Skedinger, Per
2005 Fiscal federalism and economic growthBrueckner, Jan Keith
2012 Towards reason: Political disputes, public attention and the use of expert knowledge in policymakingLundin, Martin / Öberg, PerOla

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