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2010 Public housing units vs. housing vouchers: accessibility, local public goods, and welfareSarpça, Sinan / Leung, Charles Ka Yui / Yilmaz, Kuzey
2004 The Political Economy of Privatization. Why Do Governments Want Reforms?Börner, Kira
2007 Die Finanzierung von Sportarenen : Optionen für große und mittelgroße ProjekteRebeggiani, Luca / Witte, Sebastian
2004 Cross-Border-Leasing: Ein neuer Ansatz zur Stadionfinanzierung?Panke, Benjamin / Rebeggiani, Luca
2011 The efficiency of states and cities: Is there a case for public land leasing and sales to finance India's cities?Sridhar, Kala Seetharam
2014 Burocracia, democracia e políticas públicas: Arranjos institucionais de políticas de desenvolvimentoPires, Roberto Rocha C. / Gomide, Alexandre de Avila
2004 The Missing Shock: The Macroeconomic Impact of British PrivatisationFlorio, Massimo / Grasseni, Mara
2004 The Political Economy of Privatization: Why Do Governments Want Reforms?Boerner, Kira
2005 The determinants of asset stripping: theory and evidence from the transition economiesCampos, Nauro F. / Giovannoni, Francesco